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We see many benefits from yoga for adults. But Kids? We see many kids performing tough postures. Are we exploiting the flexibility of the kids and making them vulnerable for injuries and Joint hypermobility? Is there any other way to teach yoga to kids? Kids have to learn many things. Not Poses. Non competitiveness Yoga […]

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This Madam by name Mrs Shantha Kumar came to me 7 months back willing to join the Yoga classes. Except age related problems( She is 70’s) she does not suffer from any major illness. But the big hurdle was she would not sit down. She was suffering from arthritic changes due to old age, was […]

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Yoga and Shoulder Pain Yoga has been searched for back, neck and shoulder pains. Let us deal with the shoulder and neck pain. I call it as T joint. The shoulder and neck are closely related. With my practice I have also undergone this. Though it is said to alleviate the pain i have notice increased pain many […]

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Yoga and exercise Difference

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOGA AND PHYSICAL EXERCISES 1. Yoga is internal tones the internal organs like stomach, liver, kidneys, heart, thyroids, brain and releases the tightness in the joints. Exercises just workks only on the muscles makes you look beautiful externally. Yoga is very special in removal of toxins from the organs 2. Yoga makes you […]

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25 minutes of yoga may boost brain function, energy levels

Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation both focus the brain’s conscious processing power on a limited number of targets like breathing and posing, and also reduce processing of nonessential information. Yoga improves energy levels and cognitive test performance as well. Practising Hatha yoga — a combination of asanas, pranayam and meditation — along with mindfulness meditation […]

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