We see many benefits from yoga for adults. But Kids? We see many kids performing tough postures. Are we exploiting the flexibility of the kids and making them vulnerable for injuries and Joint hypermobility? Is there any other way to teach yoga to kids? Kids have to learn many things. Not Poses.

  • Non competitiveness

Yoga can teach the kids to be non competitive and take the life as it comes without any hostility. It teaches them that all are different and none is inferior.

  • Relax

It can make them calm, manageable, lovable and innocent. With the relaxed state of mind the productivity is more. It results in more energy.

  • Concentration

We are very unfortunate to be living with temptations, advertisements, attractions, titillations etc. Yoga reduces such distractions, and makes one more focussed always. Single pointedness. This is possible since Yoga involves holding the pose, breathing, awareness building.

  • Self Awareness

Yoga inculcates the value of self awareness and self realization. This opens the doors about themself, strength and weakness leading to self improvement and finally Personality Development. This is very special in Yoga.

  • Jivakarunya

A young yogi learns self acceptance and identifies the Cosmic Consciousness  in all the living beings. This paves way for kindness to self and others living beings.He practices ahimsa to all. With this we can wean away the gun and knife culture in the world we live in and make the whole world more peaceful.

  • Healthy Habits

Yoga encourages the kids to be more concerned about the healthy life and good living style. There will be less incidence and chances of boys and girls involving in any bad or immoral activities. Even if they discontinue there are more chances that they restart the yogic lifestyle late in the life in the adulthood.


In Yogisha we don’t teach postures. We teach life style.

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Yes well said,, Yoga is a way of Life, good to be motivated from childhood.. it’s late in India to start,though,Yoga is our main streams of rituals practice,, Keep it up Sathya ji,and your concentration on children on Yoga will yeild good citizens.JAI HIND.

Yes true. From childhood days to old age will be unmissable healthier days for yoga doers. Prayathana,abyasa could make us to achieve.

Absolutely essential in the present condition of life. Even though children attend some good classes unless it is combined with yoga it will not be as effective. The negative aspects ,which the children face, have to be cleansed through yoga only.

Perfectly said. Need of the hour we say. Nowadays most of our do not concentrate much on child well being. Only putting them into to our many other activities and forget or neglect to put their child first into right path.

When we bring a child into the world we become responsible for the holistic development of the child automatically. Don’t we?
Now , as we go about caring for the little one, out pops in our head thousands of questions like
# is this the right activity
# am I providing the right balanced nutrition
# Is he learning from an enriched environment
# How about his physical and mental well being
# social or people skills
# virtues ,values,character building
….and so it goes on.
YOGA has solution to so many doubts.
The practice of yoga regularly will help to progress all the developmental domains of children and much more .
It has been helping people to be in close touch with their soul’s journey even in fact.
Neurological functions of children doing yoga is far more better than others.
Emotional balance is maintained .
Brains capacity to grasp ,retain and retrieve is much more efficient .
What more….
yoga teaching is humanitarian 100%.

Now a days education is mere a system and make the students so mechanical & with out knowing the real time applications.That is why most of the graduates with colorful degrees couldn’t find a place in job industry.Hence it is the high time to imbibe good practices& teachings from our very old vedic culture among kids.
securing a good job & always focusing that only makes the students to aim for resulted oriented methods. But in our tradition we all believe in doing karma without worrying about results.I.e process oriented way. Hence definitely the work taken by you will inculcate good results among youngsters.pray & wish to reach all strata of society.

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