This Madam by name Mrs Shantha Kumar came to me 7 months back willing to join the Yoga classes. Except age related problems( She is 70’s) she does not suffer from any major illness. But the big hurdle was she would not sit down. She was suffering from arthritic changes due to old age, was not comfy in walking .She has not sat on the floor for nearly 30 yrs. I told her to sign up. I started giving restorative sessions with yoga props. This is my challenge. We started the journey in the chair. Chair yoga and standing postures. She was very regular and dedicated to the classes. Never missed any classes. Within 15 days she was sitting down on the floor and getting up with the support of the chair. After a month or so sitting down with out any support. She was finding easy to walk around. She gained more flexibility and muscle strength. 


She is performing more than 25 to 30 poses and Pranayama everyday. She is very happy Yogi now. I am concentrating not on postures but Yoga for graceful ageing. Yoga reduces the dependency and increases the enthusiasm to live and reduces body pain, knee pain etc. It regulates the digestive and respiratory system. Yoga also soothes the nervous system and increases the positive feeling. It gives Hope and Clarity in thinking. I also increases the spirituality in the old age and restores the confidence. 

Watch the Youtube post for a video testimonial….