Yoga and Shoulder Pain

Yoga has been searched for back, neck and shoulder pains. Let us deal with the shoulder and neck pain. I call it as T joint. The shoulder and neck are closely related. With my practice I have also undergone this. Though it is said to alleviate the pain i have notice increased pain many times myself. I used to wonder. Later after long years of experience I found out the reasons. The posture, driving the vehicle, fatigue, repetitive practice etc. Later I realized teachers worldwide do have this!!
Upper back pain stems from slumped posture and rounding off the shoulders, If the abs are not strong the ribs collapse. Slumping, open the scapula or the shoulder blades and weaken the TRAPEZIUS AND RHOMBOIDS.

Although the muscles responsible for causing our discomfort are in the front of the body, the pain we feel is in the upper back. It is caused by a misalignment of the shoulder blade that has been persistently pulled away from the spine by the slumping in our shoulders. This pull causes painful muscle spasms along the edges of the shoulder blades.

If Pectoralis minor is tight it pulls the shoulder forward and gives slouched appearance. This is aggravated by weak Trap and Rhomboids.  This still aggravated by weak erector spinae muscles at the back near the spinal column. All these can be set right with Yoga therapy. Regular Yoga classes will strengthen the weak muscles and lengthen the short muscles allowing appreciable range of motion.