Control Craving Methods

Craving means Powerful desire and compulsive obsession to eat. Mostly its for the taste and not for the real hunger.
Many of us eat for various reasons. For hunger, social or religious obligation. My manager took me for a restaurant. etc. But sometimes for desire to eat. Last week I was in the hot sun, tired, hungry, and also sleepy. Then my son called me for Ibaco ice cream shop. Without batting my eyelid i headed to the shop. And ate the ice cream. This is the craving which is inbuilt in our system. It is dormant or active. We cannot completely remove this. It has been validated by Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita 2.59. Anyway there are ways to control to a great extent.
1.Sleep well. 7-9 hrs of sleep is vital. Stress, Sleep, Craving and weight gain are very closely interrelated. 10 PM to 5 AM will be the best time.
2. Healthy Breakfast. No junk or excessive coffee or tea. Normal South Indian, easily digestible diet which makes you fresh is the best option to start the day. No greasy or oily foods.
3. Don’t FIGHT hunger. By suppressing the hunger pangs will increase. Eat some fruits or nuts. Drink water. Normally we mistake hunger and thirst.
4. Dont encourage binge eating. Set your GI tract in order. Set time for breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
5. You may eat some little junk. Make it very rare. Budget. You cannot be perfect all the time.
6. Create liking for fruits. Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat alternative for any cooked food. Create an excuse to eat. It reduces the craving. Its God made food. All else man made foods.
7. Do not store craving foods. You need to purchase icecreams, biscuits, bread, cakes, etc. Even juices which are not really healthful foods. Make them in accessible.
8. Identify your craving triggers. Don’t eat foods for emotional satisfaction or gratification. Eat only for hunger. Not just bcoz you like it or smells good etc.. Normally you eat more when you are upset or excited. I did not use the word happy. EXCITED. Slow down or postpone it. Chill out.
9. Become Vegetarians. Been proved that vegetarians have less cravings.
10. Substitute. Go back 30 yrs and eat those foods. Most of the foods that appear on your TV are junk and increase the craving. Instead of a chocolate bar grab a banana.

Needless to mention practice makes the man perfect. Try and practice fasting.