Reentering Podigai TV

Friends, My entry into Podigai TV started way back in 2009 if I am right with the help my friend Raja who is a sanskrit scholar when I met him thro a common friend . I met her at Nanaganallur Sri Raghavendra swamy Mutt for a function. I met Mr Raja for Dhayana Yogam Program. for Yoga therapy. Raja as Anchor I completed nearly 400 episodes teaching Yoga for different ailments with PPT slides with ipad and laptop. I have uploaded most of the slides in the Later after a gap of 2 years or so I was called for Nam Virundhinar program for same channel. It was thrilling experience, because, this one is LIVE program. I came out very well , lot of applause and likes in my FB page and whatsapp groups. Even from Yogatherapy group admin by Laura kupperman in US. It was very encouraging. It is the grace of Sri Raghavendra Swamy and My Guru Sri Sri Satyatma Tirtharu of Uttaradhi Mutt.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and journey with Podhigai TV , Guruji.
I am sure the TV audiences would have been surely benefitted.
I believe more this is to be done to benefit many more people
I saw the program too, and one thing I would want to highlight ( strictly remains my opinion )
you made yoga seem so easy and effortless
Wish you all the best in guiding one and all in Yoga

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