Yoga and exercise Difference


1. Yoga is internal tones the internal organs like stomach, liver, kidneys, heart, thyroids, brain and releases the tightness in the joints. Exercises just workks only on the muscles makes you look beautiful externally. Yoga is very special in removal of toxins from the organs
2. Yoga makes you really lean and strengthens your muscles greatly improving the flexibility which is vital for moving around.
3. Yoga gives you the internal peace friendly with yourself and others around you like parents children, spouse, employer, employees and the whole society. It increases the Karunya or Kindness/love/sneha etc
4. Yoga classes are very quiet though there are 50 of them in one batch. You are with yourself deeply meditating always, not boisterous, not talkative, etc. Remember its therapeutic in nature, healing.
5. Yoga is self acceptance failure or success. Its spirituality. Its maturity. Its not how I look for others, expecting a pat on the back.
6. Yoga is eco friendly. Most vital mantra on everyone’s lips or mind. No machines, No AC or even fan, One towel on the roof top. You rock. After you learn the techniques no travelling and no burning the gas.
7. Yoga is least injurious to the body. Since no violent movement no injuries if done with proper guidance with knowledgeable guru.
8. Yoga can be used for wide spectrum of diseases for healing. Even Medical professional have started recommending for chronic diseases.
9. Yoga improves concentration
10. Yoga can be effectively used for substance abuse, like smoking, alcoholism, drugs intake, compulsive disorders
11. Yoga is very effective weight loss. Permanent weight loss. Safely.
12. Yoga is most effective treatment for insomnia. No jokes. Its proved. And very safe in depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems.

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